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  • Yancheng jeddah has won the honor for three consecutive year
  • Release date:2019-03-11  Clicks:95  Classification:Company News
  • According to the enterprise in the media and other fields of visibility, reputation, recommended by readers and China building materials newspaper editorial board selection in 2010 China's cement industry the most influential Chinese cement machinery enterprises selection activities announced recently. This activity is sponsored by China building materials news agency, under the guidance of experts in cement and machinery. The basic criteria for the selection are: "output value, innovation and influence". This year's finalists are all winners, winning recognition from experts and judges for their impressive performances. Since the campaign was launched in 2007, yancheng jeddah has won the award for three consecutive years. Here are the winners :(in no particular order)

    The most influential Chinese cement machinery enterprises

    Sinoma international co. LTD

    Tianjin cement industry design and research institute co. LTD

    Hefei cement research and design institute

    China building materials equipment co. LTD

    Tangshan zhongcai heavy machinery co. LTD

    China building materials international equipment co. LTD

    Zhong tian shi Ming technology group co. LTD

    China building materials (Beijing) environmental engineering development co. LTD

    Shenyang cement machinery co. LTD

    Shanghai xinjian heavy machinery co. LTD

    China kaisheng international engineering co. LTD

    Jiangsu pengfei group co. LTD

    Tangshan shield stone machinery manufacturing co. LTD

    Jiangsu kehang group co. LTD

    Nanjing xili cement technology engineering co., LTD. (group)

    Jiangsu haijian co., LTD

    Jiangsu kebao machinery manufacturing co. LTD

    Tangshan hongsheng technology development co. LTD

    Liaoning beipiao ideal mechanical engineering (group) co. LTD

    Shandong liaocheng fangzheng large steel plate warehouse co. LTD

    Jiangsu suya environmental protection co. LTD

    Henan fangcheng wanbei environmental protection equipment co. LTD

    Wuxi jianyi instrument machinery co. LTD

    Jiangsu yancheng jida manufacturing co. LTD

    Jiangsu yancheng xingcheng building materials environmental protection equipment co. LTD

    Tangshan renshi packing equipment co. LTD

    Zhengzhou dingsheng engineering technology co. LTD

    Henan zhongcai environmental protection co. LTD

    Yancheng chengxin cement machinery manufacturing co. LTD

    Shandong maocheng large steel plate warehouse technology development co. LTD

    Anyang dazheng steel plate warehouse co. LTD

    Anyang li pu jian cang engineering co. LTD

    Henan huobao refractory material co. LTD

    Shandong hongyi technology co. LTD

    Shandong zhongsen building materials technology co. LTD

    Jiangsu yancheng jida machinery manufacturing co. LTD

    Beijing wanxing fangyuan machinery equipment co. LTD

    Jiangsu longtan heavy machinery factory

    Xi 'an xikuang environmental protection technology co. LTD

    Chongqing gearbox co. LTD

    Xi 'an lanxin building materials new technology co. LTD

    Yangzhou yinyan machinery factory

    Shandong liuhang reducer co. LTD

    Chengdu lijun enterprise (group) co., LTD

    Wuxi hushan energy-saving technology co. LTD

    Shanghai fufeng electronics co., LTD

    Xuzhou tianma crushing machine factory

    Nanjing yuke building materials technology co. LTD

    Chaoyang heavy machinery factory