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    Gao Changming, Senior Consultant of China Cement Association2019-03-11

    Recently, Gao Changming, senior consultant and Professor engineer of China Cement Association, said in an interview with...

    Yancheng holds machinery industry invitation conference in S2019-03-11

    This afternoon, Yancheng Machinery Industry Investment Fair will be held in Shanghai. At the meeting, Yancheng signed 10...

    Yancheng Publicizes Regulations on Safety Supervision and Ad2019-03-11

    On November 18, the Yancheng Agricultural Commission, the Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau and the Municipal Agricultu...

    Yatai Group intends to invest in two 4000 TD cement producti2019-03-11

    On the evening of March 26, Yatai Group announced that it planned to invest nearly 1 billion yuan in two cement projects...

    New dry cement policy will be fine-tuned2019-03-11

    "2010 will be the year when new policies of cement industry are introduced intensively." Lei Qianzhi, presiden...

    The cement industry will set up special loans for merger and2019-03-11

    The trend of overcapacity in China's cement industry is now. According to the latest statistics of China Cement Asso...

    Out-of-date Cement Productivity Elimination Scheme or Releas2019-03-11

    How many backward cement production capacity will be eliminated in China from 2010 to 2012? "First Financial Daily&...

    Cement prices continue to rise year-round trend is good2019-03-11

    On May 23, the reporter learned that the national cement price continued to rise last week, the range was 0.57%. Moreove...

    Cement Price Rises, Pay Attention to Building Material Plate2019-03-11

    This week, building materials plate gradually out of the bottom, Jinyu shares, Jidong cement and other stocks in the for...

    The Cement Industry's Profit in 2014 or Return to the Histor2019-03-11

    "In 2014, it is expected that the new capacity of cement (including the elimination of backward capacity) will grow...

    Cement Industry "Closed" Market Integration Will Move True2019-03-11

    Recently, it has been reported that the entry threshold of the cement industry named "serious surplus" in No. ...

    Kong Xiangzhong: No worries in cement market in 20102019-03-11

    Cement industry is doing well under the environment of expanding domestic demandIn the context of the financial crisis, ...
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